Monday, September 8

Boko Haram: Insurgency Has Crippled Borno State....SSG

Borno state governor
Secretary  to the Borno State Government, Ambassador Baba Ahmad Jidda, has lamented that most parts of the state are being occupied by the Boko Haram insurgents.

Jidda, who spoke in an individual capacity in Abuja, at the weekend, called for a stakeholders’ summit of eminent citizens of the North-East zone, to articulate a broad-based solution to the threat posed by the insurgents.

According to him, government’s presence and administration remained minimal or non-existent across many parts of the state, with economic, commercial and social services totally subdued.

He said “schools and clinics remain closed. Most settlements in the affected areas in the state have either been deserted or access to them practically impossible, thus majority of the political stakeholders cannot, in real fact, reach their constituencies.

“So, the threat of insecurity affects everybody, irrespective of political differences. The enabling environment for politics and electioneering campaign is simply not obtainable at present in Borno State,” he said.

This was as he cautioned that scheming for elective offices for 2015, in the face of threat to survival of the country, was callous and repulsive.

He challenged politicians in the country to de-emphasise discussions on 2015 election in the state or anywhere in the country, owing to the rampaging onslaught by the Boko Haram insurgents.

He argued that there was the need for all stakeholders in the country and Borno State in particular to jettison politicking for now.

“In the view of this, the thought about politics and pursuit of political interest in this environment appears absurd, callous and morally repulsive.

“In the light of this, it is absolutely essential for all patriotic citizens of Borno State to rise in unison to focus and proffer solution to the challenges posed by insecurity, which is a real threat to our collective survival.

“In this regard, it is, hereby proposed first that a meeting of all stakeholders, elders and statesmen from Borno State, irrespective of sectarian, ethnic and political persuasions, should be convened, to review the state of affairs in the state.

“Second, this group should seek audience with President Goodluck Jonathan to present collectively, the unbearable conditions imposed on the people of Borno State by this, including the agony and pains of the abducted Chibok girls and their parents.

“Such an approach is expected to specifically open gates for decisively tackling insecurity and its attendant economic and social burdens on Borno State, the North-East zone and Nigeria as a whole.

“Finally, related to this is the proposed bye-election for Jere Local Government House of Assembly constituency. It is imperative to appeal to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to postpone forthwith, this bye-election slated for October 3.

“This fervent call is necessary, because the environment is not conducive for conducting elections. At the moment, Maiduguri Metropolitan Council and Jere Local Government are full of refugees from Marte, Gwoza, Ngala, Bama and other parts of the state.

“Once again, I wish to stress that in Borno State today, pursuit of personal or partisan interests can wait till peace, law and order is fully obtained.

“At this juncture, it is pertinent to make some clarifications. Though I remain a member of All Progressives Congress (APC), current SSG in Borno State and having served the nation in the past as Ambassador of the Federal Republic and SSA to the President, I make this particular call in my individual capacity, as a privileged citizen and elder in Borno State.

“I, therefore, crave your indulgence not to see my current endeavour from any political standpoint, but one borne out of patriotic interest for the peace and development of Borno State, the North-East zone and Nigeria.”

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